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Navigate the complexities of IT environments with efficiency and reliability with Nagios’ industry-leading solutions.


Nagios XI

Streamlined environment for monitoring, troubleshooting, and proactive optimization all in one place.


Nagios Log Server

Analyze your log data, your way. Search, query and filter to achieve insight-driven decision-making at scale.


Nagios Network Analyzer

Network traffic, bandwidth monitoring, and flow analysis for your entire IT infrastructure.


Nagios Fusion

Visualize multiple Nagios instances and solutions all on one screen.


Nagios Core

A lightweight, open-source IT monitoring tool with customizable APIs.

Trusted by 10,000+ Customers.

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We are a telecommunications company and the leader in our region. Our monitoring goals were fulfilled with Nagios. We had all of our devices monitored 24/7 and were able to take advantage of all the reports and tools that Nagios has to offer.


The biggest advantage of Nagios for us is its customizations. Nagios has simplified a very lage job, allowed us to make the necessary customizations needed and provided us with a community that is a valuable resource when a new requirement comes up.

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Before monitoring we couln’t even spend the bulk of our time fighting fires, we were spending time finding them. Now, our system is nearly self-healing. Nagios is super easy to install and configure, runs on standard bash scripts, and allows us to automate anything.

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